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"It was a pleasure to work with Presca to design shirts for our team taking on a cycling challenge in Kenya. Excellent quality, unique design, and good for the planet!" Jess Whitaker, Partnerships Manager, COCO

"Presca are very proud to be able to support COCO and the fabulous work they do developing sustainable sources of education in Africa. Presca Sportswear"

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The environmental Impact 

By choosing Presca and our sustainable cycling products, COCO made an environmental choice without sacrificing on the product performance. As part of our process, we provide teamwear clients with a Life Cycle Sustainability Report that analyses your specific impact, helping you see the difference you’ve made by choosing Presca over any alternatives.

61.1 kw/h
of energy conserved
16.5 kg CO2e
of emissions avoided
87.1 litres
of water saved
1.9 kgs
of waste diverted

This is the equivalent to:

6,114.1 hours
of LED bulb energy conserved
63.6 km days 
of driving emissions avoided

45.9 days 
of drinking water saved

200.3 PET bottles recycled

The process

As an international children’s charity founded by Olympic runner Steve Cram CBE, COCO has sustainability and sports deeply entrenched within the organisation. When Steve and a team of COCO supporters took on a fundraising cycle challenge on the shores of Lake Victoria, they needed high-quality teamwear that could withstand the rigours of off-road cycling in the toughest conditions without comprising their ethics and commitment to sustainability. COCO found the perfect solution with Presca, who helped design and create environmentally-friendly cycle tops that could be worn with pride on an epic adventure for a good cause!

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