Southampton Case Study

Saints X Presca Cycling

"The experience of working with Presca was truly superb. From a hands-on design team who listened to our every need, through to the flex around style and range, we were able to create a truly bespoke Saints cycle range that we sell in our official retail channels."Anthony Cole-Johnson, Director of Sales & Stadium Experience at Southampton FC

"Working with a club like Southampton who have such strong sustainability goals was a real pleasure. The team's values are aligned with ours and we look forward to a long and successful relationship."Presca

The environmental Impact 

By choosing Presca and our sustainable cycling products, Southampton FC made an environmental choice without sacrificing on product performance. As part of our process, we provide teamwear clients with a Life Cycle Sustainability Report that analyses your specific impact, helping you see the difference you’ve made by choosing Presca over any alternatives.

3,145.1 PET bottles recycled 1,033.6 days of drinking water saved 1,002.3 KM driving emissions avoided

The process

When creating the Southampton FC cycling range, Saints wanted to maintain their key branding message but without simply replicating a football kit onto a cycling jersey. Working closely with the team, our in-house designer was able to produce a full range of sustainable custom cycle clothing including our Grand Tour Jersey, Grand Tour Bib Shorts and IW jacket to create a coherent range. We were able to provide custom hang tags for use in retail sales as well as delivering the product in our plastic-free packaging.

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