Team Boompods Case Study

Women’s elite cycling Team Boompods noted that the cycling industry wasn’t particularly environmentally friendly, for the 2020/2021 season they decided to do their part in creating change. Watch their testimonial:

Team Boompods environmental Impact

By choosing Presca and our sustainable cycling products, Team Boompods made an environmental choice without sacrificing on product performance. As part of our process, we provide teamwear clients with a Life Cycle Sustainability Report that analyses your specific impact, helping you see the difference you’ve made by choosing Presca over any alternatives.

516.6 kw/h
of energy conserved
152.2 kg CO2e
of emissions avoided
1,063.1 litres
of water saved
of waste diverted

This is the equivalent to:

51,656.8 hours
of LED bulb energy conserved
585.6km days 
of driving emissions avoided

559.5 days 
of drinking water saved

1,722.6 PET bottles recycled
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