British BMX Championships - Shirt Amnesty and win a prize

Putting your old and unused shirts to good use

Do you have any old, ripped or never to be worn again BMX shirts? Are you going to the British BMX Championships in Bournemouth, 26-28 August?

If the answer is yes to both, why not bring the shirts to the Championships and donate or recycle them?

At the Team Mind and Presca area at the Championships, Presca (climate positive BMX shirt supplier) and Stuff4Life (innovative clothes recycling start-up) will collect any unwanted shirts and donate them to clubs, groups and riders in need of BMX shirts or recycle them if they aren’t in a fit state to be used anymore.

Shirt repairs for Championship riders

Presca BMX Jersey repair

For any riders who damage their shirts during the Championships, Presca is offering 30% off our Workshop’s repair service. Bring your damaged shirt to the Team Mind and Presca area and Presca will repair it for £17.50 through our Workshop (repairs usually take 3-4 weeks with delivery back to you). Remember, any leftover bits will be recycled by Stuff4Life.

Win a BMX jersey in your own design

Do you want to win a custom BMX shirt and help design it? Collect a bag of recycling (bottles, cans, cardboard, etc) at the Championships and take it to the Team Mind and Presca area. You’ll then be entered into a special prize draw to win a custom shirt and get it designed and produced with Presca.

We hope to see you all at the Championships, and good luck to all the riders!
The Presca Team

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