Welcome to wilder sportswear, custom for those who care.

“A brand is the way a product, company, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. Much more than just a name or a logo, a brand is the recognisable feeling these assets evoke.”

The history of Presca is not a straightforward one. Set up 8 years ago by Rob and Guy, the original embodiment was GRN. A bamboo t-shirt brand, whose models were friends, boasting a Bristolian backdrop and inexplicably a logo of a duck.


Fast forward a few years and having bugged European mills into action Rob and Guy managed to source some of the first recycled polyester fabrics in the world, lugging them to factories in the UK and sitting in musty offices while they tweaked and perfected cycling kit and trisuits for pro teams.

Lessons learned (mostly the hard way) a brand was born, Presca. With sustainability at its core and team performance its focus, Presca was created to cater to teams who wanted more from their custom kit.

Presca - Vitus Pro Cycling Team p/b Brother UK cycling kit development photo

But when the pandemic hit and events got cancelled our passion wasn’t. Getting out for a ride or run became even more important than ever and it was then that we realised where the true heart of Presca lay. It wasn’t about times, or achievements (although we still love both) but empowering our community to get outside and to protect the planet at the same time.

So we rebranded. We softened the edges, with a new logo and word mark, but this time retaining the name and brand colours, leveraging the mutual loyalty we had already built up with our community.

And we continued as Presca.

But as lock downs lifted and life resumed, events and teams needed kit again. So we’ve decided to take our next exciting step in branding.

Welcome...wilder sportswear, custom for those who care.

So what’s changed? Well let’s be honest not much. Our custom kit will still be made by the same team, in the same ethical factories, using the same recycled fabrics as they’ve always been.

So why the fuss? Mostly because we wanted to give our community full ownership over their designs. Working 1-1 with our design team to create kit that is completely on brand for their needs, not ours. Whether that’s monochrome, rainbows or something in between, the only limit on what we can do graphically at wilder is what you want.

Why wilder? We wanted a brand name that reflected the kit we make. As we grow we hope the sports and activities we can cater for will too, eventually encompassing all outdoor activities, while protecting our planet, our wild.

But I like things the way they are? Well these times they are a changing, but panic not, we’re still us and we’re still here for you in exactly the same way. It’s just that now your custom kit comes from wilder while your personal kit needs are with Presca. By making change, we can grow and create more impact. Something we all agree is better for people and planet.

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