What to look for in Custom Tri suits

What is a custom tri suit?

Most triathletes know the benefits of a high-quality tri suit. It has to get you through the swim, the cycle, and the run, featuring the right benefits to let you perform at your best during all three disciplines.

Custom triathlon suits allow you to choose the specifics of your garment and represent your club or team. This ensures it supports you in all the right places and includes the features you prefer having in your kit.

The extent to which a tri suit is customisable depends on the manufacturer, but custom size, colour, and sleeve length are standard. This gives you the flexibility to choose the style most suited to your races.

Croyde Tri Endurance Tri Suit - Cycle

Why should you invest in custom triathlon suits?

There are several things to consider when investing in a tri suit. Sleeve length, zip type, pocket location, material type, and colour are things everyone has a different preference for. As tri suits are a one-piece, it can be challenging to find one that fits your body correctly in all areas.

Tri suits that meet your exact expectations and fit perfectly are difficult to come across, which is why two piece custom tri suits are a good investment for those who tackle these races with a focus on performance.

Each part of a triathlon has its own unique demands, meaning you look for different qualities for each discipline. Making sure it has the right combination of the features that are important to you can be complex.

1. For the swim

For non wetsuit events the fit of a tri suit is particularly important during the swim. The tightness against the body allows for optimal core support, encouraging the right body position throughout the stroke and reducing overall fatigue.

Reducing potential drag is also an essential feature of a tri suit. It's necessary to choose the right fabrics to allow for minimal friction in the water to ensure maximum speed.

2. For the cycle

To avoid that sticky and clingy feeling after coming out of the water, the material used should be suitably water repellent. The right combination of wicking and breathability is required to achieve this.

Also, at this point in the race, aerodynamics and comfort become even more critical. Speed is not something you want to compromise on and the right amount of padding is based on personal preference, something not all tri suits can replicate.

3. For the run

Compression and support are key for the run portion of the race. As different individuals need support in different areas, it's important to invest in a tri suit that suits your body's needs.

Temperature control from zippers and UV resistance are also features you may wish to see in a tri suit depending on your races' climate.

Presca tri suits are fully customisable. That means we don't have set templates from which only a few elements can be changed. It's not about choosing from a menu. We start from scratch every time, letting you work directly with our expert designers to build a tri suit that gives you everything you need from it.

If you participate in team events, custom triathlon suits also allow you and your teammates to wear the same design and keep a consistent club kit. Explore our full range of custom team wear here.

Croyde Tri - Run

Why are Presca tri suits the best option?

Here at Presca, we strive to strike the perfect balance between performance and sustainability, meaning our garments are designed to let every level of athlete go further, all whilst protecting the planet with an environmentally friendly solution to manufacturing.

Our products are developed with world-leading research institutes and championed by Olympic athletes at the top of their field, helping us pioneer ways for the sportswear industry to do better and be more.

Whatever type of activity you need it for, we have high-performance triathlon suits for eco-conscious athletes that are looking to surpass their goals.

Endurance Tri Suit

Our Endurance Tri Suit has been designed exactly as its name suggests, with endurance in mind. It acknowledges all the requirements of multi-discipline racing and provides a comfortable and durable garment that meets them.

The Presca Endurance Tri Suit offers breathability, aerodynamics, temperature regulation, practicality, and sets new standards for performance sportswear.

With a full-length zip, the one-piece is made from 100% recycled fabrics. It is manufactured in our factory that uses 100% renewable energy, meaning you can be confident that your purchase positively impacts our planet.

The Endurance Tri Suit can be customised to meet your exact needs regarding styles, build, and fit. Explore the customisable Presca Endurance Tri Suit.

Endurance Tri Suit


Long Course Tri Suit

The Presca Long Course Tri Suit is lightweight, highly breathable, comfortable, and has added stretch for efficient muscle control. Our long course tri suit is designed to let you go further and features a tri-specific chamois pad, short-mid length sleeves, and mid-thigh length legs.

It's made from a combination of recycled plastic bottles, recycled fishing nets, and end of life carpets, ensuring it's sustainable in its production.

As with all custom team wear, you have the choice over every element of your garment. Explore the customisable Presca Long Course Tri Suit

Long Course Tri Suit


Short Course Tri Suit

The Presca Short Course Tri Suit promises the same sustainability and performance-focused benefits of the long course suit but features a sleeveless upper body, perfect for shorter races or warmer climates.

Explore the customisable Presca Short Course Tri Suit

Short Course Tri Suit

How do I order a Presca custom tri suit?

Ordering a custom tri suit from Presca is simple and efficient. We're dedicated to creating and delivering products that will let you perform at your best, in the most sustainable and straightforward way possible.

We have a four-step process. Each part gives you the choice over all elements of your custom tri suit and guarantees swift delivery of your purchase.


Let us know you're interested in a Presca custom tri suit. We have a dedicated sales team who will get in touch with you on the email address provided to discuss your order. For more information, fill out our contact form.


You'll collaborate directly with our expert designers in a virtual consultation to develop your ideas. You will receive mock-ups of your tri suit, and our designers will work with you through an iterative process to make sure your tri suit is exactly what you want it to be.

Croyde Triathlon - Tri Suit Design


Once your design is finalised and you're happy with it, we'll begin to manufacture your kit. This takes a maximum of 6 weeks to complete.


In the most environmentally friendly way, we'll deliver your garment directly from our factory

To go further in sportswear designed to let athletes make a difference to both the planet and your race, visit our online shop.

Guy Whitby - Operations Director

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