why choose Wilder to help with your event?

Events can generate a lot of waste. Together we can take steps to reduce this through climate positive kit that looks great while doing good. Join us in helping your event play all out for the planet.

  • In 2021 triathlon and duathlon events organisers TriHard decided to ditch the standard event tees for a more climate positive alternative. At this years events they are providing entrants with Presca sports socks made from recycled yarn.

  • We know some events require that extra special cycling jersey and it should be a design that lives on, think about longevity. Low carbon adventure on 2 wheels 2050 miles recycled 152.5 500ml PET bottles, just by choosing our jerseys/jackets.

  • Now in our 3rd year of providing climate positive cycling kit to 6 Points Cycling Events in Majorca, using recycled fibres opposed to conventional fibres, this has saved 1,824.5 Litres of water during manufacturing.

  • By choosing recycled fibre t-shirts we reduced harmful pesticides and emissions that would've otherwise been emitted to create virgin materials.