Is wilder still part of Presca?

Wilder is still part of the presca family. Our custom kit will still be made by the same team, in the same ethical factories, using the same recycled fabrics as they’ve always been.

Why the name change?
Mostly because we wanted to give our community full ownership over their designs. Working 1-1 with our design team to create kit that is completely on brand for their needs, not ours. Whether that’s monochrome, rainbows or something in between, the only limit on what we can do graphically at wilder is what you want.

Why wilder? We wanted a brand name that reflected the kit we make. As we grow we hope the sports and activities we can cater for will too, eventually encompassing all outdoor activities, while protecting our planet, our wild.

But I like things the way they are? Well these times they are a changing, but panic not, we’re still us and we’re still here for you in exactly the same way. It’s just that now your custom kit comes from wilder while your personal kit needs are with Presca. By making change, we can grow and create more impact. Something we all agree is better for people and planet.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all areas of the UK, Europe and worldwide. Once your order has completed the manufacturing process we will dispatch your order from our European manufacture and will take roughly 5-7 business days shipping within UK & EU, we can request timeframes for ROW.

Where do you manufacture?

We manufacture our garments in the Europe.  We have chosen to do this in order to keep supply chains short and to build close, transparent relationships with our manufacturing partners.

Is every piece of your clothing made from recycled materials?

All of our garments incorporate recycled materials as the bulk of the garment. Some include virgin materials such as elastane for stretch, or polyester in the zippers. We are working hard to reduce the non-recycled content in our garments.

Can I return/exchange custom clothing?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns for sizing issues. If you have concerns about quality of the garments please email hello@prescasportswear.com and we will be in touch within 48 working hours.

How do I wash my sportswear?

Right now, all of our technical clothing is made from synthetic textiles. Our partner mills provide care instructions which dictate the maximum temperatures at which the fabric should be washed. The majority of Presca garments share the same recommended washing instructions:

- Wash at 30 degrees
- Do not bleach
- Iron on delicates setting
- Do not tumble try
- Suitable for Dry Cleaning (the P tells the dry cleaners which chemical to use for their cleaning)

Can I send my garments back for repair?

We are now offering a pad replacement scheme for bib shorts and tri suits. In association with Dr Pad we are offering the first UK based pad replacement service so that your favourite garments can keep on going.

If your jersey has acquired some collateral in a spill or you’ve somehow split a seam, don’t panic, we’re here for you.

Simply email Lauren at theworkshop@prescasportswear.com with a photo of your garments and information on your requirements and we will be in touch on the next steps.

How do you guarantee the ethical practise of the factories you use to produce your garments?

Our starting point is that we source all of our fabrics from Europe and all of our CMT factories are also in Europe. So the majority of our supply chain (with the exception of some smaller elements like zips, etc) is covered by European Law and working time/H&S regulations. Whilst this is a signficant step towards guaranteeing ethical manufacture we recognise that this doesn't guarantee compliance.

At the moment we are still a small but rapidly growing company.   So we need to make sure that our efforts are commensurate with our size and available resource.  A lot of our work with our suppliers is based on trust and the relationships we have built with them over many years. We regularly visit our factories and suppliers and invest a lot of time and effort into those relationships. We also have independent audits of our key CMT factory and will be looking to expand this to cover our fabric mills and beyond.

We've worked with Gordon Miller from Ride for Freedom in the past to understand potential grey areas in our supply chain, and we recognise there will always be work to do to be 100% sure of ethical treatment of every single person in our supply chain.